Detail of wood infected with walnut canker

Walnut Tree Canker Disease

A potential threat to Georgia's forests travels from western states.

New fungus disease could threaten Georgia’s walnut trees

Any chance the black walnuts in your backyard are looking stressed? Noticed any walnuts peppered with small holes in our national forests?

State, federal and academic officials warn that Thousand Canker Disease, once believed to be active only in Colorado and several western states, might be crossing the line into Georgia.

The killer disease, brought on by a fungus by a twig beetle, has now been found in neighboring Tennessee, prompting officials in North Carolina to issue a quarantine against the importation of walnut products and hardwood firewood from Tennessee. That state also has issued a quarantine against export of walnut logs and firewood from affected counties around Knoxville.

To date, Georgia has not gone beyond issuing a risk alert to the Thousand Canker potential. Walnut is prized for use in furniture, gunstocks and veneer and its nuts serve as an important food source for both humans and wildlife in north Georgia. Georgia has 126,000 acres of forestland with a walnut component, according to the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Georgia ForestWatch has called on Georgia officials to consider a quarantine as is being done in North Carolina and Tennessee.

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